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N Scale


Download Presentation on the N-SIG HERE  N-SIG Scenery 6  
 N Sig stands for "N (scale) Special Interest Group."  This is a sub-group within the Boulder
Model Railroad Club which focuses on N Scale projects.  Right now there are twelve members in
the group. 

We have a modular layout which we bring to the BMRC Expo each December.  There are currently 10
modules in this layout.  Each straight module is four feet long by two feet wide.  The four corner
modules are four feet by four feet.  So when the layout is set up we are able to run long trains.
Many of the members of the N Sig have their own layout at home but their layout is not large
enough to accommodate large trains, so we look forward to being able to run trains on the N Sig

Over the last few years our main focus has been on completing the modules in this layout, and on
improving the modules.  For example, last year one of our N Sig members added working grade crossing
signal lights and crossing gates to the module he and another member are working on.    In the past,
we have also constructed a raffle layout that is given away at the annual club Expo train show.

We try to meet once a month for about 3 hours.  We meet at the Left Hand Grange in Niwot.  Inquire
about the time since it can change each month. We welcome new members, not only because of the
fellowship they bring but also because new members usually have new ideas about how to improve our






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